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Project Icarus Lucid Dreaming Discord

Become a Skilled Lucid Dreamer with Project Icarus!

Learn to lucid dream and become part of an exciting and growing community. Complete tasks and gain tiers in a lucid dreaming game environment to learn more about the mystery behind Project Icarus before it’s too late

A Fun Way to Lucid Dream

Project Icarus gives you fun and structured tasks to guide you through the journey of lucid dreaming while gaining real-life rewards.

By joining us, you‘ll not only delve into the depths of lucid dreaming but also embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. As you progress, unlock exclusive insights and rewards.

Lucid Dreaming Discord

About Project Icarus

Project Icarus’s structure is designed to find skilled lucid dreamers who can complete specific tasks in lucid dreams.

The project is masked in mystery and revealed to those who can demonstrate their ability to complete progressively more challenging tasks. Each task leads to higher tiers of status and with that a greater understanding of what Project Icarus is about.  

Gain tiers by completing tasks and unveil the mystery behind Project Icarus.

What We Include

Lucid dreaming can go by many names. Many people separate different dream-like experiences by all kinds of terms based on their experience. We include many different dream states in the definition of what it means to be in a lucid dream.

Out-of-body experiences, astral projection, reality shifting, and deep meditative states like samadhi are all aspects of being lucid while dreaming. We include all those aspects as a state of lucid dreaming and are part of Project Icarus.

What is Discord

Discord is a free chat system that allows people to share information in a very creative way. Project Icarus uses Discord because it’s a great way to meet others, share information on lucid dreaming, and oversee our project. When you use our Discord, you are not only joining a community but also taking part in the Icarus process by acquiring new tiers of skills.

There are many lucid dreaming Discord groups out there, but ours is the only one that will challenge you in this unique way! Learn more about Discord.